Noosfera Echo

 Noosfera Echo

Noosfera Echo - is a single ended A class amplifier with zero negatve feedback and tube-like sound. 

Rated output power - 30W@4 Ohm, 20W@8 Ohm

Technical parameters of amplifier:

Output impedance across the frequency band

0,6 Ohm

Frequency band

0,2 Гц - 300 kHz (-3dB level)  


- 26dB (20 times)

The range of volume control

-99dB, step - 1dB Ohm

Input impedance

10000 Ohm


4 linear

Balance adjustment

+-24 dB with 1 dB step


450х130х310 mm

The level of nonlinear distortion depending on the power (attached file).
The range is extremely short, fast decaying.
There is a version with a higher gain - 50 times.
Balanced inputs - optional.
Full-function remote control, configurable controller with many features.
All control with the remote except the basic functions, the amplifier is equipped with two remotes.
The body of the amplifier is made in Italy - 3mm aluminum panels (front 10mm).